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Shippensburg Area Emergency Medical Services is an accredited training center and offers multiple disciplines of trainings to EMS providers, healthcare providers, and the community. 

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Shippensburg Area Emergency Medical Services

hosts/participates in multiple community events throughout the year. We also offer on-site committed standby units at community events and/or private events where EMS is needed

SAEMS is an organization that's mission statement is to provide the highest quality health care to our community. Please take the time to complete our patient satisfaction survey to ensure we are meeting our goals and mission.

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Shippensburg Area EMS is always accepting applications for EMT-B, Advanced EMT, Paramedics, and Students

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Shawn Hartsock


Connie McGill


Heather Franzoni




William Klusman


Shippensburg Area Emergency Medical Services

traces its roots back to 1931. Present day we are

responding to over 3500 service calls a year, and covering over 250 square miles.