In December of 2005 Cumberland Valley EMS moved from its shared housing with Cumberland Valley Hose Company due to the fire department’s need for more apparatus space. We moved to the abandoned uptown gym at 235 E. King St and the staff converted this space to temporary housing for the EMS service. After the move the department re-organized and changed its name to Shippensburg Area EMS to better reflect the commitment of service to the greater Shippensburg area.
In 2006, recognizing the need to provide additional manpower for the increasing call volume, Shippensburg Area EMS once again developed a volunteer program and began recruiting volunteer staff to respond on calls.
In 2007 Shippensburg Area EMS developed a junior membership program to allow for training for young people interested in becoming involved in emergency services. In partnership with the family of Mr. Sluter we developed a memorial scholarship fund which pays for the complete training and certification of junior members.
Also in 2007 Shippensburg Area EMS reorganized and promoted 9 career and volunteer providers to operations officers whom are responsible for the various departments within the organization. One of the most profound accomplishments of these officers was the development of a community education and training program which teaches lifesaving CPR and first aid to the community. Along with this training program the department developed a community AED program and donated 3 AED units to be placed in areas of potential need. The cost of these units, as well as the training was paid for by Shippensburg Area EMS to help reduce the mortality of cardiac arrests in our area.

Shippensburg Area EMS traces its roots to the Cumberland Valley Hose company chartered in 1859.
In January 1859 the Cumberland Valley Hose Company was organized and chartered as a volunteer fire company dedicated to provide fire protection to the Borough of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. On January 2, 1931, seventy-two years later, the Cumberland Valley Hose Company began an ambulance service. Their very first ambulance was a Studebaker Commander 8, purchased for $2,250 that was placed in service in May 1931.
Five years later, the Ambulance Committee, then headed by Edgar Hockersmith, suggested the purchase of a 1932 LaSalle, at a cost of $2,100, to replace the earlier model ambulance due to frequent repairs.
On February 7th, 1941, arrangements were completed to purchase a new Cadillac Ambulance through the Wolfington Body Company. The Company continued the purchase of Cadillac Ambulances from Wolfington Body Company through 1973.
With the delivery of a 1947 Cadillac Ambulance, the company had reached a milestone. This would be the beginning of owning two ambulances in the Company. From this point on, we kept two ambulances in service, replacing them every so many years with a newer version of the Cadillac Ambulances. The era of the Cadillac Ambulances ended when two 1978 Dodge Yankee Continental Coaches were purchased.

Our History
In 2008 Shippensburg Area EMS developed an active Quick Response Service program and purchased a Dodge Durango and Ford Crown Victoria to provide EMS support services. The QRS service is equipped for fire ground rehab, off road rescue and public safety stand by events. The quick response service’s primary missions are public service standbys, fire ground support and EMS assist calls.
Also in 2008 Shippensburg Area EMS purchased two 2008 GMC 4500 Horton ambulance to be placed in service as the 4th unit and replace the 3rd unit. The ambulance is a custom one of a kind unit designed around provider safety and patient comfort. This ambulance was purchased through the non-stop efforts of our staff and is dedicated to the providers of our department.

In 2010 the Quick Response Service was expanded through the purchase of a Specialized Utility Vehicle for foreground support.
In July 2011, Shippensburg Area EMS launched a satellite substation on the West End of Shippensburg to allow for faster response time to the residents of Franklin County and the western side of Shippensburg. It was first opened on a trial basis but soon noticed the response times improved. The Chief then extended the hours of operation from 11:00 AM – 07:00 PM to 08:00 AM – 07:00 PM. With the demand for local EMS continuing to rise the substation was relocated into West End Fire and Rescue and became 24 hours operational.
On June 12, 2012 Shippensburg Area EMS and Vigilant Hose Company moved in to our new state of the art facility. The new facility was built to allow the company to expand and grow. Since then, the building was awarded the Silver LEED award. This awards means that the building is a “green” building.
Since the needs for community Advance Life Support was not being meet, Shippensburg Area EMS launched an ALS service on January 1, 2014. We purchased a Chevy Tahoe to use as our medic unit. Our Medic unit has advance equipment. It carries a Lucas mechanical CPR device, Thomas Pediatric Kit, Hypothermia Cooler to chilled fluids for post cardiac arrest patients, and a King Vision intubation device. On June 29, 2014, West Shore ALS closed there Shippensburg location. With that Shippensburg Area EMS placed a second medic in service during peak call volume times.
Shippensburg Area EMS responds on a yearly average of 4200 calls; responses are made to medical emergencies and auto accidents, routine transports, and ambulance standbys at sporting events.
Shippensburg Area EMS has a proactive future planned. We are proud of our heritage and the people whom have dedicated their lives to making Shippensburg Area EMS the premier provider of emergency health care in the Cumberland Valley Region.

In 1982, the membership approved the purchase of a third ambulance to add to the fleet. They purchased a 1982 Type III Ford Modular Ambulance converted by Mobile Medical Division from John Robba (J. & J. Inc.) at a cost of $35,000. The company continued to upgrade the fleet in the years to come, keeping three ambulances in operation.
The ambulance service was provided by an all-volunteer group of EMTs and Ambulance Attendants from its inception until June 1995. For the most part of 64 years, volunteers were available to respond on ambulance calls. When most of our volunteer EMTs were hired as paid personnel by neighboring ambulance services, it became necessary in June 1995 to hire part-time paid EMTs to maintain the level of ambulance service required by state health regulations and primarily, to provide the citizens we serve with the level of ambulance service they expect and deserve. There are very few ambulance companies in our neighboring counties staffed with total volunteers; volunteerism, as existed in the past, is a luxury of a by-gone era.
On January 1, 1999 the Cumberland Valley EMS officially became a separate entity and an organizational element with the responsibilities to provide emergency and non-emergency ambulance transportation and any other services required of an EMS organization. The Cumberland Valley EMS was structured to make it easier to maintain and control many of the different responsibilities involved with running both a fire and EMS department. With the decline in volunteer staffing Cumberland Valley EMS began paying 24 hour per day staffing and shortly thereafter became a predominately career department.
The Cumberland Valley EMS is believed to be the first emergency services provider in the area to add community representatives to their Boards of Directors. The community representatives provide community input to their Board and their extensive talent and expertise materially beneficial to the organization. At this point Cumberland Valley EMS started an Ambulance Subscription Program or more commonly called an Ambulance Club by many area ambulance services. This was done in an effort to provide some relief to area citizens who can least afford a sizeable ambulance bill and at the same time generate some funds for the emergency service. The subscription covers the head of the household and anyone else living in that household. The program does not cover non-emergency transports (those determined to be not medically necessary). In the spring of 2002, the Cumberland Valley EMS and the West Shore ALS agreed to do a joint Ambulance Subscription Program. This was done to benefit the citizens of our coverage area. For an annual fee households can participate in the joint Ambulance Subscription Program in which they will be covered for basic life support (Cumberland Valley EMS) and for advanced life support (West Shore ALS).