Annual EMS Safety Day & Smith's Chicken BBQ

TBA For 2018

Grocery Bingo @ Espicopal Towers: April 19, 2015
Every year SAEMS ensures that we give back to the community that we serve 24/7. Every year we work very hard to host community events and/or participate in other community events that are occurring. Events in the past include but not limited to: Annual SAEMS Safety Day & Chicken BBQ, Annual Lowes Safety Day, EMS Week Community Participation, Bingos @ Local Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Residences, Annual Casino Night @ Elmcroft Assisted Living, Shop With An EMT, Participation In Local Parades, Red Cross Blood Drives, Annual Fire Prevention Events, and Many More.....
UpComing Community Events
Past Community Events
Community Events
Safety Day & Chicken BBQ: June 20, 2015
Casino Night @ Elmcroft: January 29, 2016

Next Red cross Blood drive scheduled for:

Saturday November 18, 2017


Community Room (Access Off Walnut Bottom Road)