Ambulance Club Membership

It is highly recommended that you join our ambulance club, especially if you are on Medicare. If you are a member of the ambulance club and you are transported to the closest hospital for a medically necessary emergency, you will not be responsible for any ambulance charges. Your health insurance carrier will still be billed for the transport, but you will not be responsible for any co-pays or deductibles. Non-members will be responsible to pay all or any portion of the bill their health insurance denies

If you have any SAEMS billing questions, please call 717-532-6069 option 3.
For ambulance club questions, please call (717) 532-6069 option 2.

Shippensburg Area Emergency Medical Services has been committed to providing quality ambulance service to all its residents, visitors and surrounding areas since 1931. We are a non-profit organization that DOES NOT receive tax subsidy. Your memberships, donations and transports assist us with all pre-hospital expenses.

Shippensburg Area Emergency Medical Services ambulance club membership is offered to the residents of Shippensburg Borough, Shippensburg Township, Newburg Borough, Hopewell Township, Southampton Township-Franklin County, Southampton Township-Cumberland County, and portions of South Newton Township.

The fee for this year’s ambulance club membership is $75.00 and it lasts until December 31, 2017. The membership covers both 
BLS (Basic Life Support) & ALS (Advanced Life Support) services

The ambulance club membership does not apply to businesses.

We also are participating in joint memberships with Pleasant Hall Ambulance and Newville Ambulance for our paramedic (ALS) service. Any questions with this service, please contact either Pleasant Hall or Newville ambulance companies

If you did not receive your annual Shippensburg Area Emergency Medical Services ambulance club membership, please contact Ship EMS at 717-532-6069 option 1