Board Of Directors

Steve Wolfe, Tom Moriarty, Bill Naugle

​Deb Ramsey

Connie McGill
​Connie is a wife and mother of two. She is currently a paramedic at SAEMS and serves as the training officer. She started at SAEMS as a volunteer. During that time she has coordinated and/or instructed many EMT and paramedic classes, as well as many continuing education classes for the staff.  She currently holds a bachelor’s degree with concentration of Education and Management.  Connie has been practicing as a paramedic since 2002

William Klusman
Bill holds the position of Field Training Officer at SAEMS. Bill oversees the field training, which includes the precepting program of new providers and vehicle operators. Bill also assist in the Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement process.
Shawn Hartsock
Has been working as a paramedic for 22 years. He has worked from Waynesboro Area ALS, a hospital based paramedic unit and West Shore EMS for over 14 years. He currently works for the Washington County Maryland Division of Emergency Services where he has served as a firefighter, paramedic and the Assistant Director of Emergency Services. This system operates over 70,000 unit responses per year handled by 25 Mobile Intensive Care Units, three highly specialized Advance Life Support Chase Units and 36 independent fire and EMS companies.  He has been a volunteer with Shippensburg Area EMS since 2005 and served as Director of Operations since 2006. In 2013 he became Chief of SAEMS and oversees the Advanced Life Support program. He is nationally certified as both a Fire and EMS officer, paramedic instructor and holds certifications in numerous technical rescue disciplines. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Accounting.
Heather Franzoni
Heather is a Shippensburg native, currently holds the position of Public Relations Officer at SAEMS. Over the years she has actively planned and directed many community events, and been the oversee of the marketing department. She also assist in the Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement process. Currently is also employed as as correctional counselor, and currently holds a bachelor degree in Social Work, with specialties in psychology, mental health, and addictions. Heather resides in Shippensburg with her four legged children.

Beth Eiselman
Beth currently holds the position of Basic Life Support (BLS) Sergeant. Beth assists in administrative duties, and the Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement process. Beth works as an part time at Yellow Breeches EMS, located in Mt Holly Springs. She currently resides in Mt Holly Springs.

Kathy Eichelberger
Kathy is a Shippensburg native, and currently holds an officer position in which she coordinates fundraising with the department, and is active with the hiring process of new employees/members. Since 2007 Kathy also works part time as a certified Phlebotomist. Kathy was also a volunteer as a firefighter for Pleasant Hall Fire Dept.  for many years prior to her becoming an EMT. 
Robert “Van” VanScyoc 
Van joined the Vigilant Hose Company in 1969 as a volunteer fireman and has been a member ever since,  He was elected to the Treasurers position in that company somewhere around 1979 and is currently still the active treasurer for the department.  He also currently holds the position of treasurer for the Shippensburg Firefighters Activity Center and the Shippensburg Emergency Services Building. He actively is the Financial Administrator for Shippensburg Area Emergency Medical Services. Van became an EMT in 1974. In 1976 he became employed with the Borough of Shippensburg where he worked as a laborer and soon joined the ranks of the Shippensburg police force where he retired Feb 1 2002 as a Sergeant, and remained as a part time officer.Over the years Van has received numerous awards for service and dedication in the Fire, EMS and police fields, He has extensive training in leadership and management, the use of numerous firearms, equipment, electronics, machinery,  protective services, use of explosive devices, fire suppression, pump operations, operations of fire and rescue equipment
Shippensburg Area Emergency Medical Services "Management Team"